Saturday, April 4, 2015

April 4

Talk about not wanting to get out of bed this morning but we all know those miles ain't gonna run themselves. After  a smoothie (I hate that term), power coffee and some surfing the interwebz I was off to the local High School to get on with it.

After taking my ENERGYbits (sidebar ==> sidebar) and warming up I was off on my 4 mile run. It became readily apparent that I had not done a good job as my HR spiked to over 140 bpm almost immediately. Knowing what I know now, I stopped running and walked it down to the one-teens but even that wasn't sufficient as it shortly spiked once again when I began to trot. This scene would play out a couple more times in the first half mile but soon I was on my way.

Again the plan was to ease into the first mile in the 120s to let my HR go through all the gears, if you will. At the 3/4 mile mark I came into the low 130s and cruised right along until I hit the first mile marker. Now the run was really on as I got into that sweet spot of 133-135 bpm on on mile 2. Things are starting to feel easier as I rolled through the 2nd mile at 10:02 and I was even happier with a 9:39 mile 3 all while staying in that nice zone.

As much as it was fun it was, it was time to bring it back down for the final mile and close out the run in the low 120s. Fortunately this wasn't the end since there were also Yasso 800s on the schedule and after a quick gear change from my Skora Fit into their Phase (sidebar ==>), it was time to run fast.

It's been quite some time, last August to be exact, since I've been out on the track and I really wasn't sure how it was going to go. The goal was to knock out 6 Yassos in 3:15 which was a stretch considering last year I was lucky to see a 3:30.

With that I dug into Yasso #1. This is the first time on the track where I could monitor my pace and couldn't believe that I was actually maintaining a pace in the low to mid 6s for the first lap. For the second lap up turned up the jets as I made my way through the last turn and as I sprinted down the last straight, I was stunned to see I was in the 5:20s finishing up at 3:16.

Happy with the result, I walked my HR down before I began Yasso #2. The result was basically the same as the first one except my pacing fluctuated more than I would have liked. Still I spent the majority of it under 6:00 and finished in 3:10. While cooling down after this one I decided to cut it to 4 from 6 as it was taking longer for my HR to drop and my breathing to come down.

Yasso #3 was by far the hardest of the 4 and as I got into the second lap I was floundering in the mid 6s. I wasn't about to give up and willed myself to finish strong down the stretch ending with a 3:14 time. By this point I was gassed with HR and breathing not coming down easily. Still I could feel I was beginning to tighten up and decided to get back at it even though I was in the 120s.

It was time to suck it up and get Yasso #4 over with. I had nothing in the first lap but this is why we do them; to run fast while fatigued. I was happy I was able to stay in the mid 6s  as I was ding everything I could to keep my form together. Going into the last turn I found a little something and I was able to push down into the 5s. As I flew toward the finish I was astounded to see the pace on my watch reading 5:03 and closed out this final 800 in 5:18. I was done!

I was so happy with the outcome from this speedwork and it certainly shows that HR training is paying dividends. It is just more proof that you can get faster by running slow.

Tomorrow will be a long slow day with 18 on the schedule but right now it's time for a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and power coffee that Christine is whipping up for me.

Week ending April 4th - 37.2 miles

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