Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 29

With the month coming to a close tonight's 2x4s will be the last speedwork session I will be doing save for this Saturday's 5K.

Warmup went well and the plan was to not kill myself on the first interval like I did 2 weeks ago. Fat is good but controlled fast is better. This time I eased into it a little bit as I got up to what I felt was about 85% of all-out. I was able to sustain this better and maintain a 2:3 breathing rhythm until the last hundred yards or so. Considering it was still around 90 I didn't feel too hot at all finishing with a 6:36 average pace.

After the 2 tenths cool down it was time to let it rip. Again I wanted to stay in control but for whatever reason, I didn't feel as strong as I did on #1. Part if it I think was that I wasn't focusing as much on my stride as I should have and caught myself under-striding. Once I corrected this I felt much faster but closed out the interval at 6:47; too slow.

I knew for the last 2 intervals I'd need to buckle down and run harder. if I wanted to achieve my goal of a sub-20 in the race. Problem was I went off like a bat out of hell for interval #3 and by the mid-point I was sucking wind. 6:34 was better but still not where I wanted to be.

For the final go around my goal is to make the "last one the fast one" but I also need to stay steady. This time I went out smooth and kept it that way for the entire 0.4 interval. Sure I was still working hard but I felt better than I had on the previous 3 and the clock backed that up with a 6:25 average. Now I just have to do it for 3.1 miles.

Split Time Distance Avg Pace Best Pace Avg HR Max HR
2 02:38.4 0.4 6:36 6:05 150 163
4 02:42.6 0.4 6:47 6:07 151 165
6 02:37.5 0.4 6:34 5:14 156 168
8 02:33.8 0.4 6:25 5:47 158 174

All in all I'm pretty happy with the way the run went. I'm also happy in a way that I'm done with the sprint work for the time being. As much as I enjoy going fast, my body is much happier with the slower, longer runs. This closes out April since I'm going to throw in an extra rest day tomorrow so I'll be fresh and fast for Saturday.

April total - 160.2 miles

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