Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26

With the HRM not to be trusted I decided that I'd start race pace training a week early and with a 9 mile stepback run on the schedule for today it was the perfect opportunity. Since I haven't done any fast distance work in forever, the plan was to keep the middle 7 easy a 9 minute miles with slow miles to warmup and cool down.

The warmup went well and the HRM was seeming to cooperate although once I completed the first mile and got up to speed the steady 140 bpm reading seemed too low. Still I felt really good and wasn't pressing hard while maintaining the desired pace. It was a cool and cloudy morning in the low 60s so it was no surprise at all that I logged miles 2 and 3 right where I wanted to be at 8:51 and 9:02 respectively.

Feeling as well as I did, I was happy over the next couple miles to have splits in the high 8:40s which we into a sometimes stiff headwind. Unfortunately, the HRM monitor crapped out by this point though; just as well I thought. Encouraged by these time I decided to push the pace a little more and was thrilled to see mile 6 at 8:32 and mile 7 at 8:26. Holey negative splits Batman.

After briefly entertaining the thought of going longer, with 1 mile of hard running left I decided to push my luck and give it my all. Getting into territory I haven't been to in a while felt great as I was able to sustain a pace well below 8 minutes for about a half mile before my legs began to feel heavy. Still I kept pressing on and mile 8 clocked in at 7:48. Not too shabby at all.

Satisfied with the way things went I made the slow trot home knowing that Christine was going to be whipping up some breakfast after her 2.5 mile walk. Love that girl.

Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow before I'm back out again on Tuesday. Since Christine's Forerunner 15 and HRM arrived today, I'll give her HRM a try before I contact Garmin. Now it's time to get ready for #Runchat and #BQchat before dinner.

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