Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25

If seeing a bunny during a run is good luck as Ray Charbonneau posits what does it mean if you see a bunny then later a roadkill bunny? Does it mean that your HRM is going to quit on you?

The day started out well enough with a nice 6 mile run that went as smooth as silk. Warmup went well, run went decent considering there was a stiff headwind out of the southeast which slowed me down over the first 3 miles and then got in a nice cool down. Even the HRM cooperated after being washed. Maybe it was the bunny I saw run across the road during the warmup mile.

After the run was done it was on the local HS track for some Yassos and right off I knew there was a problem with the HRM during Yasso #1 when it barely budged. Even worse, I was slow; around 3:30 when I was aiming for 3:15. Maybe it was the roadkill bunny I saw during cool down.

Yasso #2 was better although it did not feel like it. And since I forgot to reset the Garmin it is forever married to #1. I also knew that the HRM was toast since my HR started in the high 70s and ended up at 59 bpm after an all out 800. Yeah right.

By now Christine had showed up at the track after walking the 3 miles from home, to do another mile or 2. I'm so happy she is getting into this. Unfortunately this didn't give me much of a boost for Yasso #3 which came in at 3:24.

It wasn't until Yasso #4 that I recalled a picture of Shalane Flanagan that I recently saw of her near perfect form. What really sets her apart is her strong knee drive, trail leg extension after toe off and vertical travel. She is a true gazelle and really someone who's form I should be emulating.

Now I have long legs myself and because of this have difficulty maintaining a high cadence due to the time it takes me to turnover. I've noticed in the past that when I actually use my legs to stride as opposed to shorter, choppy steps I'm faster and seem to not work as hard.

This revelation paid off immediately as I felt strong and fast right away. I could feel I was covering more ground with each stride and this paid off with a 3:16 time. Much like #4, Yassos #5 and #6 went equally as well with times of 3;13 and 3:17; so thanks Shalane for the reminder.

With tomorrow being a stepback day of only 9 miles, it's time to do a little additional testing here. And since my HRM is DOA, it's as good a time as any to see how this goes. It's late now and it's been a busy day so I'm done.

Week ending April 25th - 41.5 miles

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