Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 23

The plan for tonight was a nice easy 6 mile recovery run but didn't end up that way.

Things started out well enough with a good warmup and an easy first mile to get everything up to speed. For the first part of mile 2 everything seemed to be going ok with an easy pace and the HR right where I wanted it around 130. Soon though it started to drop into the mid-120s and since I felt like I was going too slow because of the stiff headwind, I picked it up a bit.

When the reading on the Garmin continued to drop, that should have been the clue something was wrong but it didn't and when it started to come back up as the effort increased, I though it was just me getting stronger. With mile 3 clocking in at 9:52 and my HR steady in the low 130s I was pretty psyched.

As soon as I passed the 3 mile mark though it started to drop again. This time around I knew I was moving pretty well but now had the strong wind to my back and thought I was ok. Now here is where I turned into a boiling frog. As my HR dropped gradually my pace increased but HR still continued down so I went faster. It wasn't long before I realized I was going way too fast.

When I checked my pace and realized I was going along in the mid-8s. Way too fast but as I finished mile 4 at 9:01, I figured the run was screwed and there was only a mile left. Why waste a happy accident? The problem was that I also felt a little light-headed on these middle miles and probably wasn't thinking that clearly. By the time mile 5 was done, I was ready for a good cool down mile.

So it appears that the battery didn't fix the HRM so I've given it a wash to see if that fixes it. If not there will be an email to Garmin since everything is still under warranty. At least tomorrow is a rest day because I'm pooped.

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