Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22

After opting out of a run yesterday for an additional rest day, the temptation was there to do the same. Over the past few days I've developed a slight niggle at the metatarsophalangeal joint which I notice as an occasional burning sensation; it's not too painful and seems to come mainly if I've been standing too long with pressure on it. Fortunately as BBW almost fully convinced me that it was going to be another rest day because my foot was about to fall off, The Who's Wont Get Fooled Again came on the radio and that was enough of an adrenaline boost to shut him up.

The plan for tonight called for 3.6 mile 2x4s but I'm also still feeling the effects of Sunday's 22 so I decided to do 3 miles at HR to keep the momentum going. Once on the road I was happy that a fresh battery seemed to have resolved the HRM monitor issue from Sunday so all was good. I also began to realize that with a 1 mile warmup and cool down at the bookends of the run, I'd only be doing 1 mile at MHR and that was not going to cut it.

So 4 miles it was going to be.

The warmup and warmup mile went well as I worked the HR ranges on my way to the mid-130s. As I'm getting better at this, the initial mile is transitioning smoother into mile 2 as I'm up to operating temperature and ready to go.

With only 2 miles of MHR running to do it was important to stay focused to make them quality miles and aside from a couple mental lapses I did pretty well. The most surprising thing was that mile 2 was faster (10:01) into a 10-15 mph headwind than mile 3 (10:08) with a tailwind but I partial attribute this to having to slow down due to an HR spike because I ran across the road too fast at the beginning of the 3rd mile.

Short and sweet was a good thing tonight and ended with a very nice cool down. Schedule for tomorrow calls for a 6 mile recovery run at a slower MHR of 132 bpm which should help me further. Now to get some sleep.

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