Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2

All I can say is that I'm getting stronger (and smarter) every day but I wish I had shown a little more patience when I came back at the beginning of March. I almost feel like I wasted 2 weeks trying to push the pace.

After reading a recent blog post by Phil Maffetone (101 MAF Heart Rate Zones) I realized that I was not properly warming up or cooling down so I made more of a point to ease through the first and last mile of tonight's 6 mile run. I still need to do better at this, especially on the first mile but it's a work in progress.

With an easy first mile under my belt, miles 2 and 3 went great, both being in the 10-teens which is a far cry from the 10:30s-10:40s I have been running. I'm not sure if this was because of the slow warmup, or that it was a cooler night or that the patience has finally begun to pay off; well the list can go on but maybe it's just a combination of everything. The same thing happened after all in the last training cycle; things just started to click all of a sudden.

Now with these 2 fine miles under my belt I made the turn and began the run home with the wind now to my back. If I was happy with the last 2 miles, I was completely overjoyed with the next 2 as I cruised along in the 9:50s. I couldn't have been happier and in some ways it was hard to maintain a quick enough pace to keep my HR up.

As I hit the final mile, I was tempted to keep it up but wisely chose to back it off. No need to blow a great run for the sake of the stats and over the course I eased the HR down gradually into the low 120s, content with the way the run went.

Tomorrow is a rest day before as short run followed by some Yassos on Saturday. Until then.

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