Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 19

Sunday means services at the Church of Sunday Long Run and on today's schedule was 22 miles. After a very good run last Sunday my expectation was to build on it today but unlike last week where there was cloud cover through much of the run, there was not a cloud in the sky.

After a smoothie, power coffee and some interweb surfing I got in a good warmup and hit the road. Things we going well enough but without warning at the 1 mile mark I had an HR spike into the low 130s. I didn't feel like I was pushing it but still had to slow down to get back into the 120s. No problem, or so I thought.

The next mile was going smoothly but right about the time I passed 2 miles, my HR suddenly began to drop. Either my heart suddenly became super efficient or we were experiencing technical difficulties.

I futzed around with the HRM thinking it was either the Body Glide interfering with the signal or the battery going bad. After I moved the position of the strap on my chest, HR jumped from 94 to 154 bpm and I attributed this to going too fast so I walked it down.

This worked for about a tenth of a mile before another spike so again I walked. This time however HR didn't come down. Here I am walking and nothing is changing. I was so pissed off that I took the unit off the strap and started running; stupid thing was still reading, even after I took off the strap and put it in the other pocket. It was time for plan B

Since last week seemed to be right around the mid-11s I decided to just keep that pace and just run by feel. With a few adjustments to the Garmin I was back on track with 17 miles to go.

Seeing as how the run was jacked I figured it was as good a time as any to check out a new route I had been considering. This was going to be off road along the canal which would provide a nice change of pace and could provide a way to tack on miles to my regular routes.

I had only looked at it on Google maps once a few weeks ago so when I got to a point to where I had to pick a path I chose the sure thing back to the main road. Still this added 2 miles to last week's route so I was good to go. And then I realized I had forgot to take my ENERGYbits (==>). Had to correct that even though it was a mile too late.

Now that the technical difficulties were behind me the miles clicked off in the mid-11s and I was feeling great. It was only due to rest stops at miles 11 and 17.5 that my pace dipped at all. Even better, the blister issue I dealt with in my new Tempos didn't resurface. My sole focus by now was 1 year from now when these runs will have me in the Boston Marathon.

This may seem presumptuous since the BQ race is in September but that is just a milestone that needs to be reached; Boston is the destination. I will not be denied.

As I passed the 20 mile mark I was starting to tire but still had gas in the tank. I also now have a Nathan Speed 4 belt so with 2 additional 10 oz bottles I have enough fluid as well. With the temps now in the mid-80s I wisely stopped at the high school at mile 13 to top of my empty bottles at the fountains.

Fully hydrated I was able to finish strong and after 4 hours and 20 minutes on the road I was done; a good 22.1 miles under my belt. I walked in the door to the smell of bacon that Christine was cooking up. Yum, fuel.

Tomorrow will be a well deserved rest day after a productive weekend of running and I plan on getting to bed not much after tonight's #RunChat.

I also want to wish everyone running Boston tomorrow a great race. Next year I'll be there with you.

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