Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 16

Actually felt better than expected after yesterday's 2x4s although my lungs did feel a bit crunchy at times throughout the day. No worries though and nothing to deter me from the 6 miles on the schedule for tonight.

Has a good warmup but HR didn't seem to want to come up so I figured that was the way it was going to be. So much for that though as it suddenly spiked in the first half mile but since I was noticing a small rock in my shoe, I needed to stop anyway.

After that little break that allowed my HR to come back down, everybody got on the same page as things gradually came up. As I hit the first mile mark my HR was still in the high 120s and since I felt like I was moving at a nice pace I decided to keep it around there. A few time throughout the day I had entertained the thought of doing a "recovery" run with my HR around 132 bpm and I guess my body was telling me it was on board with the idea.

As mile 2 progressed I felt really fast even though I was staying below 130 for the most part. The real shock was just how fast as I hit the split at 10:15. For a moment I thought if I was that fast in the high 120s, how fast could I be at 136 or so? That was soon pushed out of my head after a short debate and I kept cruising along.

When I got to the 3rd mile marker and my split read 10:08, I couldn't believe it. I was turning some of my fastest miles but keeping my HR in the 120s. Then again I always seem to have my best sessions the day after a hard workout.

When I completed mile 4 it was more of the same at 9:57 although I was spending a little more time in the 130-132 range which still made me happy. Mile 5 was slower at 10:30 but I was on a slight incline most of the time and was starting to feel some fatigue as well. A brief coughing spasm also served to slow me down and I was actually looking forward to taking it down for the final mile which ended with my HR in the mid-one teens.

Tonight was definitely a good run but I'm looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

In other news, Christine is determined to PR her next 5K and is on a training schedule so she can do it at the DBacks Race Against Cancer on May 2nd. She even got a bit of a run in tonight although it wasn't on the schedule. I think I've created a runner.

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