Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15

Another Wednesday in April means another day to run fast and that is exactly what I did. Once more 2x4s. With a good warm up in and an easy 0.4 miles to bring my HR up to speed, I was off. Unlike last week there were no tech glitched so this was good.

The first interval felt great, so great that I got into it right away and was probably too fast off the bat. I know this because by the last 50 yards my lungs were on fire and I started to slow although I still felt like I was moving right along. Still I didn't need to change my breathing from 2:3 to 2:2 until the 0.3 mile mark.

After a 0.2 miles recovery period I got down into interval #2. This time I made sure not to kill myself right away and worked my speed up. This was a much better idea and even though I was gassed at the end I wast as bad as I was at the end of #1. Breathing was still pretty good with the change to 2:2 just before e0.1 mile to go.

Once again there was a 0.2 miles recover period before interval #3. By now I was feeling the effects of the first 2 but still managed to move at what felt like a very fast pace. As expected I began to fade a little sooner and my breathing came up to 2:2 by the halfway point of the interval.

I always try to make the last one the fast one but tonight it just wasn't there for interval #4. After only 0.1 mile in I was breathing hard at 2:2 and try as I might I couldn't push myself to go any faster. But that's why we do these, to get faster and learn to push through the suck. Thankfully it was over soon enough and it was time for a cool down.

Looking at the fast intervals I can't be anything but pleased. Showed some improvement over last week but I still have a ways to go (fast splits) and no blister issues either.

Split Distance Time Avg Pace Best Pace Avg HR Max HR
2 0.4 02:24.7 6:02 5:40 159 168
4 0.4 02:39.4 6:39 5:50 153 168
6 0.4 02:36.4 6:31 5:36 159 170
8 0.4 02:41.4 6:44 6:00 156 172

Tomorrow will be back to the HR training with an easy 6 miles on the schedule.

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