Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14

Getting late so this will be quick. With some fires to put out today my stress level was up a bit and I got home a little late. Even with this I still played it smart and made sure to get in a good warmup. I've learned my lesson and know that it's better to get up to operating temp and have a good run than to skimp on it and get off to a bad start. Besides, it's not like the extra 5 minutes will kill me.

Overall the run was on the slow side but that wasn't unexpected that given the day I had. Not that it was a bad day, just that a lot of things turned into priorities that had to be dealt with at the same time. Still stress is stress.

Right off I noticed a fairly stiff breeze which meant the first half of the run was going to be the toughest. This was fine with me because it meant a tailwind on the last half. It was also a cool night so that was going to make for a pleasant run too.

Mile 1 went great as I eased into things and felt pretty good into mile 2. While I was pretty good about keeping the HR down I was tending to lose the now so I was actually fluctuating too much around the high and low points of where I needed to be.

As the run progressed I was definitely feeling stronger and faster. While there were no real fast miles I certainly felt fast and that was all that really mattered. After 4 well run miles it was time for the final mile cool down. Good thing too since the blister from Sunday was starting to bother me somewhat.

So there you have it. Tomorrow is speedwork; more 2x4s so it's off to bed for me.

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