Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 12

Sunday long runs keep growing and this week it's up to 20 miles. YIKES!!

Once again the plan was to take it slow and keep the HR down as long as I could. Fortunately the stars seemed to be aligned as it was cool and cloudy as I got out on the road after a good warm up. I finally had the Skora Tempos that I had been wishing for and was looking forward to getting then out on a long run.

The new shoes felt amazing and with the weather being what it was, I was cruising along effortlessly for the first 9 miles with my HR in the low 120s for the majority of the time while maintaining a pace of 11:30. This was very good. I also couldn't help but wonder if the banana I had after yesterday's race and the half sweet potato I had for dinner played any part in this as well.

Around mile 9 I began to notice a blister developing on the inside of my left foot just below the big toe. Some of this I'll attribute to the new shoes but it's also in the area that I have blister issues no matter what shoes I've run in. It was more of an annoyance if anything and I only felt it on uneven footing anyway.

It wasn't until mile 14 that my HR even got into a range near 137 bpm to where I had to slow down. By mile 15 it was getting a bit tougher to maintain but as luck would have it I needed to stop to use a Porta-John at a new community that was being built and this mini-break was enough to take it back down again.

As well as I has been going, things were beginning to change with the HR continued to creep up and the blister was becoming more of a nuisance. My legs had also begun to start feeling heavy so I would just focus on getting to a landmark that was 50 or so yards ahead. This worked for a couple miles but at the 17.5 mile mark I finally gave in and walked for a half mile.

This little rest was just what I needed and I was able to finish the rest of the run at a slightly faster pace than I had been. It wasn't even until the 20 mile mark that my HR went over 137 bpm and this was only because I was trying to see if I could finish under 4 hours.

In all this was a great run for the psyche and will be something to build on for sure. Tomorrow will be a well deserved rest day as I need a day to recover from this weekend's festivities.

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