Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1

Well April is here and that mean speedwork. All hail speedwork! Yes, its been a while since I just let it rip  and while it was only for a mile it felt great.

Originally the plan was to do a normal run tonight and wait until Saturday when I'll be heading to the local track to do some Yassos. That WAS the plan anyway and I soon rationalized that it is April, it is a nice night, I'm feeling pretty good and I'm itching to run fast co the plan got altered. After considering various distances, intervals, etc I finally settled on 3 miles with 1 and 3 being under the 137 bpm mark with mile 2 a progressive. This way I'd get in a sufficient warmup and cool-down as well as not overdoing the fast portion.

For the first half mile I made sure to keep it in the 120s until I got things rolling. As I started to speed up a bit I momentarily lost focus and got up a tad too quick and spiked to 142 bpm and has to ease back down.

As I hit the 1 mile mark and got the alert on the Garmin, I stepped it up to a 8 minute pace and tried to keep it there to see how it felt. After a feeling out process for .2 I got into it some more and dropped into the high 7s.

All systems were now go but as I approached the 1.5 mile mark my legs began to feel somewhat heavy. As I contemplated cutting the fast short, it soon passed and I pushed the pace once again.

It was at this point when I saw I was in the 7:40s that the realization hit me that this was the pace I was going to need to maintain for 26.2 freakin' miles. Holy shit! After this reality slap and with only a tenth to go it was time to let it all hang out. And I did.

Crossing below 7 minutes put a smile on my face as I continued at it and as I hit the 2 mile mark I looked down to see I was running at a 6:13 pace. Just friggin' wow I thought as I backed off to get a nice 1 mile cool-down.

So I would definitely classify this run as a major success and can't wait to tear it up again. Tomorrow will be an easy 6 before a rest day on Friday. It will be interesting to see how my body reacts to the increased effort but I think it will be alright especially after the healthy dinner and evening smoothie my in house nutritionist prepared.

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