Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8

It's really interesting how perception is reality.

Take yesterday's run and today's run; today I felt much better about it after I was done. The interesting thing is that both were around the same average mile but today I felt much better about the outcome on the strength of 2 strong miles out of the gate.  What's even more interesting was that the 2 "hard" miles yesterday were faster than the same intervals today.

It all comes down to perception. Yesterday I let BBW get in my head whereas today I just stayed in the now and didn't allow my brain to go off track. It's all about winning the mental game.

So like I said, the first 2 miles were quick and I felt really strong. This seems to be the trend ever since I switched my long day to Saturday that Sunday is the day I feel the bast and my HR stays down, allowing for a little more speed. I'm sure there is a physiological explanation for this but frankly I'm just happy to have it happen.

The real surprise today was that my HR wanted to go up on what is the downhill portion of the run. I think it had something to do with the fact that I stayed on the dirt and had to spend more time focusing on my footfall thanks to the knuckleheads who like to ride in the mud after the rain which tears things up. At least the uneven surface is good for working all those foot and ankle muscles which is why I choose to run on off-road.

As usual I was greated by a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs from Christine who also got in 30 minutes of walking on the dreadmill. We'll make a runner out of her yet but this is a start.

Tomorrow is a core day with 4 miles on the schedule for Tuesday, so until then.

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