Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 7

Today's run was scheduled to be 10 miles but  wound up being 8 instead. I could use the excuse that 10 was a bit too ambitious after a layoff, that it got warm fast which I didn't anticipate, the 2 miles into a headwind sapped me, I was pressed for time or even that I went out without having coffee but the bottom line is that BBW won this day.

The run started off good enough but I started to feel it around mile 3 and knew I was in for a battle. Nothing major and no niggles I was just that I lost some stamina with the layoff. While I know this is temporary, it still surprises how much a layoff of 2 weeks can cause that much of a loss with 10 miles being an easy day only a few weeks ago. All I can do is chalk it up as another learning experience.

In hindsight I would have to say that I approached today's run with a bit of hubris. Even with the knowledge that the runs this week felt harder than they should have, I looked at today as just another easy 10 miles. The next mistake was not being fully hydrated and not bringing water along. Since I was out before sunrise and I was chilly, I did not factor in that it was going to get warm fast.

Worst of all was that I let BBW into my head. He hasn't been around for a while but I let him talk me into cutting it short. I actually felt like I had another 2 miles in me as the run was coming to its conclusion but some of that could have been that feeling I always have as I approach the home stretch.

What is done is done and while I entertained the thought of getting in a couple 3 miles tonight, I know that is probably a recipe for an overtraining disaster with an early 5 miler on the schedule for tomorrow.

Now in case anyone noticed, or cared, there was no post after the 3 miles on Thursday. The fact is that it was such a bland run that it really didn't warrant a post. Plus I was tired and just wanted to get to bed early, so there.

Well that concludes another week on the road to BQ. Next well will be a few more miles added to the week as I look for the endurance I lost. This running game is a funny thing and you'll never know all that you don't know.

Week ending March 7th - 19 miles

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