Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3

I don't know why but I was looking forward to running all day today. It my be that I'm  feeling rejuvinated after a couple of weeks of or that I feel really good but I'm not going to argue.

The plan for tonight was for another easy 3 miles but I really wanted to do more. It's just so nice to feel good right from the start but I need to hold back and build up again so I just need to stick to the plan; there are many miles ahead and I don't have to get them in all at once.

It's so nice that the days are getting longer and the first mile was in the last remaining twilight on a cool evening; perfect for a run. Since I'm trying to keep the HR below 132 bpm for this first week I really had to focust on going slow because any time my mind started to wander my Garmin buzzed me to get back in the now.

The first 2 miles went by easy enough but soon after I could tell that it was taking a little more effort even though my pace was slowing to keep the HR down. It's tough to wrap your head around feeling it only 2 + miles in after all the mile I had logged over the last year and I can't believe that a 2 week layoff did this. I hope it come back just as fast.

So it's one more run done as I get back into the swing. Tomorrow will be a short core workout with another easy 3 on Thursday. I'm sure I'll be looking forward to that one too; maybe I'll do runch.

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