Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24

Nothing beats the feeling of a good run. Ever since last Tuesday's debacle I've put together a streak of good runs and tonight's 6 miles was no different. I'm really loving the fact that it's getting dark later, especially when I get out of work on time too.

Once again it was home early, get a good warm up in and hit the road while the sun was still out. Taking it slow is doing wonders for keeping the HR down and since I'm not seeing my pace but every mile, it's not stressing me out and making for a pleasant run.  In hindsight, I almost feel like I lost 2 weeks of quality miles by not taking pace off my Garmin sooner. Live and learn.

The first 3+ miles were pretty good with the HR staying in the 133-135 range for the most part as I plodded right along. It was a warm day but as the last remnants of daylight disappeared, it seemed to get a few degrees cooler and I began to notice my pace felt quicker while my HR stayed well under control.

As I cruised right along nearing the 4 mile mark, I remember distinctly thinking that everything felt like it was clicking. My HR was in the sweet spot, my form felt right and my stride seemed like it was lengthening a bit. Talk about a positive mental boost and when I got to mile 4, my watch confirmed that the run was going well with a noticeable increase in pace. I would later see it was a :25 second improvement over mile 3. This is good.

Rolling through miles 5 and 6, I continued to feel great but couldn't help but wonder in the back of my mind when it was going to end. Fortunately my fears were laid to rest as everything stayed in tune right to the end and another successful run was in the books. Maybe there is something to this don't think just run thing.

Let's just hope tomorrow night's 3 goes just as well.

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