Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 22

I so did not want to get out of bed this morning and don't think I would have if it wasn't for our cat Cassidy climbing on me and headbutting me every time I hit snooze. I did get up a little later than I would have liked but oh well.

Knowing that I struggled toward the end of last Saturday's 12 miles as well as a high HR throughout, I made it a point to keep it slow for today's 14.

The plan worked to a T as the first 6 miles were all well below MHR of 137 bpm with the average mile ranging in the 129-131 range with only momentary jumps to 138/139 on a couple occasions when I lost focus. In fact, through these early miles I actually had to speed up many times to keep my HR from going too low and was a good problem to have. Things were going so well that I considered tacking on an extra 2 miles to the run.

Things did get a bit slower from miles 7 to just about mile 12 but I was still able to maintain an average HR of 135 bpm. I no longer had to worry that I was getting too low as my focus began to shift not going too fast. I could definitely feel more effort was needed after mile 9 but I still felt pretty strong, albeit slow. This also made the decision to stick with the originally planned 14 an easy one.

As I approached the 12 mile mark, I could begin to feel some additional stress as it soon became a struggle to keep the HR down. This time I bit the bullet and decided it would be wiser to walk than to fight my body for almost 2 miles. So for the next .25 or so I walked and was glad I did because once I got moving again, I was still slow but not to where it was tough to keep running. For the next mile I was able to plod along rather nicely at 135/136 but with about 200 yards to go things got rough again as I closed out the run. Good thing I didn't add the extra 2; I would have been screwed.

Overall I'm happy with the run as it's all about logging good miles at this point. The goal is to build endurance and then get fast. No need to beat my body up so early in the cycle.

Tomorrow will be a recovery day with only a short core workout when I get home. Then it will be back on the road on Tuesday. Now it's time to eat some bacon that Christine is cooking up before I hit the shower and we venture out to get groceries for the week.

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