Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21

The plan for today was to be up early and out the door as the sun came up to get in 7 miles before Christine and I had to had off to the car show. Needless to say that didn't happen and any run was going to have to wait until later.

With plan B being an easy 3, I almost missed out on this as well as I would up taking an unplanned nap after we got home. After being woken by one of our cats, Cam, I got dressed, warmed up and hit the road.

The day had warmed up pretty well and it was still in the mid-80s at 5. The idea was to take it easy and build on Thursday's run but from the get go, 3 miles just didn't seem like it was going to cut it. This internal debate actually caused me to loose focus and momentarily resulted in a buzz from the Garmin that my HR hit 138. I really needed to focus.

For the next mile or so I went back and forth about how far to go. I thought maybe I could do 4 but that just didn't seem far enough either and wasn't doing it for me. 7 seemed like a good idea since it was the original plan but it was warm, I hadn't hydrated for it and had no water. Also, I didn't want to log too many miles late in the day with 14 on the schedule tomorrow.

So now the toss-up was between 5 and 6 and as I debated the pros and cons, I finally settled on making it a 5 miler. In the end it was the right choice too. Once I made the decision I was able to settle into the run a bit better although I crossed the 137 mark more than I would have liked as I worked on the 3rd mile. Still I never got above 137 bpm for anything more tha a few seconds so I deem this a small victory.

The run closed out with another 2 good miles and I'm glad I only did 5. The heat was starting to get noticeable and I could feel the onset of dehydration. I also noticed on these last miles that I could tell when my HR was at the 137 mark almost instinctively which is a good sign.

It will be an early evening tonight with 14 planned for tomorrow and another warm day forecasted. Want to get out before the mercury gets too high.

Week ending March 21st - 26.2 miles

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