Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19

All I can say is that it's about damn time! Granted tonight's 6 miles was still on the slow side but this was the quality run I've been struggling to have.

Things just lined up perfectly tonight. I go out of work on time, traffic was light and was in the door 15-20 minutes earlier than normal. Motivated to get as much sunlight as possible, I didn't futz around like normal, I got dressed, warmed up and was out the door when I am normally just getting in.

When I first got out, it didn't take long for my HR to get up into the 120s and it wasn't much more before I hit the 130s. All I could think was here we go again as I backed off the pace a bit.

Now on prior runs I would have seen this and while I would have made the attempt to slow down I'd also see my pace slow ant want to keep it up. Two completely opposite things. Tonight however with the pace no longer on the screen, I know I was going slow but had no idea how slow and frankly I didn't care. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

As I approached the first mile marker I kept waiting for the buzz but it never occurred. And then it happened as I got near the 1.25 mile mark; that dreaded buzz. Shit! I thought to myself as I looked down only to see "Heart rate too low" on the screen as my anguish turned to joy. I couldn't help but smile as I sped up and continued along.

I would occasionally look down to see where I was as I kept waiting for the buzz which still didn't happen as I passed mile 2 and then mile 3. By now I was looking at the Garmin less and only would when I felt like I was getting too high or low. When I did look I was usually right which means I was getting more attuned to my body as the run progressed.

It wasn't until mile 4 that I got the "Heart rate too high" buzz and that was only momentary. Same thing at mile 5; just another quick blip up to 138 bpm before it immediately dropped back to 136. This was the last time I got this high and closed out the run with another steady mile.

With a rest day on the schedule for tomorrow, I will finish up the week with 7 miles on Saturday followed by 14 on Sunday. Normally the LR would be on Saturday but with another car show to take the company 58 Chevy Tow Truck too, I just won't have the time. That's ok though, miles are miles and it will be a nice change.

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