Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18

Don't think, just run is my new mantra. I've been getting so worked up since I started training that runs haven't been as enjoyable as they should be. Sure I get those fleeting moments but nothing that lasts too long.

Tonight started out much the same as every other run for the last few weeks, maybe worse as I actually spiked my HR while I was warming up. Once I got out it was already starting to elevate even though it was on the cooler side and drizzling. It wasn't long before it spiked again and eventually had to walk a couple of times to get it down.

It was on the second walk break that I realized that I forgot to change my watch setting  to remove my pace and only display HR on my main screen. I came to the conclusion last night that the only way to stop worrying about pace was to not know how fast, or slow, I am running. Ignorance is bliss after all.

And then something interesting happened as I chugged along; I felt more relaxed. Suddenly my anxiety was gone as was the need to constantly check my Garmin to monitor my pace. It was like a weight had been lifted off me. Ok maybe it wasn't that pronounced but I felt freer and it really did seem like I was more in the now.

So I just began to cruise along and since my watch wasn't buzzing me I just went with it an ran and breathed and didn't think. Suddenly I felt that buzz and thought "oh great" as I looked down only to see that I was getting a low heart rate warning. Hmmm, did I really get below 130 bpm I wondered.

For the next tenth or so I stayed at a steady pace, at least I think it was, but as my HR continued to fall to 123 bpm I decided to go with it and speed up. In retrospect this wasn't probably the best thing to do but it felt great to let it rip for a half mile and my heart cooperated for a a couple minutes as I motored up the road. Soon though I was brought back to earth by the buzzing of my Garmin as my extreme enthusiasm sent the HR to 146 and left me to cruise for the last half mile home.

Not a bad run given the rocky start and maybe it's the run that will help me get back to basics. We shall see with 6 miles on the schedule for tomorrow.

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