Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10

The best runs are quality over quantity. Tonight's 5 miler does not fall into that category.

It started off well enough but that ended about 0.3 miles in when my HR spiked and fought with me to stay down. Despite my best efforts  it was a struggle to stay under 137 bpm so by the time I hit the one and a half mile mark I threw in the towel and checked out. If my heart was not going to cooperate I let my brain check out as I continued slogging along.

Call them junk miles if you want but right now it's getting them in that matters most. I need to build back up and while the run may not have been great, I still felt pretty strong. I can feel it coming back and it will only be a matter of time before I regain whatever I lost in 2 weeks.

Tomorrow will be another core night followed by 5 on Thursday and now that I think about it, tonight's run wasn't all that bad. Sometimes it's ok to run with no agenda; just can't make a habit of it.

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