Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9

Such a great day to live in the desert as the mercury topped out at 83 today. I almost felt guilty driving home with the top down while Boston is getting pounded with snow. Like I said, almost.

With traffic being relatively light tonight and the days getting longer there was still a few rays of sunshine to chase as I headed out into the still 80 degree evening.

Not having run yesterday, I felt really spry but with the marathon coming up on Sunday I knew that I had to limit tonight's run to 5 miles if I wanted to be fresh and fast come race day. Even my hip felt really good and I didn't have any stiffness or ache that I usually have when I first hit the road. It still let me know it was there but on a scale of 1-10 it was probably a 1.5 on the pain meter.

It was much of an eventful run and the 5 miles click by in the 9:40s with an occasional buzz from the Garmin alerting me to check my HR. While it did pop up to 138-139 bpm a few times, I was more likely to get a buzz telling me that I was too low; below 130 and I would have to pick it up. Good problem to have.

So now that's done and I'll take another rest day before 5 more miles on Wednesday. Need to enjoy these easy weeks while I can because once the recovery is done and March rolls around it's going to be back to training and then some.

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