Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 5

Sometimes just getting out and running is more important than the result. Now don't get me wrong, tonight's run was a solid B and how can you argue with low 70s in the first week of February after the sun has gone down.

Today I just needed to run. It wasn't like it was a really bad day but after starting off with a huge traffic backup where I just got to work on time and then having to put out a big fire along with a bunch of little brush fires, I had a less than productive day.. And since my stress level got up. I munched on some less than healthy carb laden snacks.

As for the run, aside from some TFL ache and a HR spike at the outset, it was pretty uneventful. For the most part I was was around the 10 minute mark except for miles 2 and 6 which were at 9:40. HR was a bit high but consistently at 136/137 bpm so I really can't complain; I was just happy to be able to be out there as the stress was washed away with a bit of sweat.

Happy that tomorrow is a rest day although I am looking forward to Saturday's 16 miler on the Lost Dutchman course. It will be my last LR before a week of light running prior to the race.

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