Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 4

I did not want to run tonight, not one bit. Then I got in the house, robotically put on my gear and was getting warmed up before I knew what was happening. So much for not running.

Once I got out the door however, I almost turned right around. My left hip hurt, my right achilles and calf had a niggle and I was running with about as much grace as a rolling football. Fortunately everything seemed to work itself out by the first half mile but I still considered cutting it short since I still didn't feel right.

Where last night I felt fresh and fast but wasn't, tonight was just the opposite with the miles going by somewhat quickly and easily. Even more encouraging was that I barely got a buzz from the Garmin that my HR was too high; I pretty much stayed in the sweet spot the entire time. And speaking of the Garmin, it cooperated fully as well.

As the run progressed I have to admit that I got into a bit of a zone and all the aches were gone after the first mile or so. Still as good as it was going, it wasn't as if I wanted to extend the run especially since I was overheating a bit from my Cold Gear but such as life. As the run ended and I stopped the timer, I was pleasantly surprised that I came in at 58:01 with a 9:34 pace. I hope tomorrow night's run is as "bad" as tonight was.

Well that's all for now, tomorrow's another day on the Road to BQ.

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