Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3

I guess I'm officially in taper mode with less that 2 weeks before the 26.2. I probably could have run last night as well as do a morning run tomorrow but it doesn't make any sense to run myself into the ground now, does it?

Tonight's run was wonky from the get go. For the first time in a while the Garmin did not want to locate satellites which left me hopping around like an idiot in the driveway for about 5 minutes and then when it finally got a reading and I began the run, it showed me doing a 2:30 mile; if only.

When it finally did start reading right I began to cruise right along with visions of repeating Sunday's spectacular run but that wasn't happening as my HR got up to 140 before I hit the first mile. Which brings us to the next Garmin glitch.

Having run the same basic routes for the better part of 2+ years, I have a good idea of where the mile markers are so when I hit what should have been a mile, I got no lap notification. Hmmm, maybe I just missed it with the HR spike I thought. When I missed it again at miles 2 and 3 I knew something was up and when I did catch it for mile 4, it happened at least a tenth of a mile early. Well nothing I could do about it now. Besides it was a 70 degree moonlit night and I even saw a meteorite go overhead. Can't beat that.

While my times weren't anything to write home about I was still feeling strong and moving right along. As I passed the 6 mile points, suddenly my HR started to drop steadily into the 120s, then the 1 teens and more before it settled in at 98. Now not one to waste an opportunity I decided to go with it and let it rip down into the mid 8s. After all the watch said my HR was down so who am I to argue?

Now that that's over it's time for a nice kielbasa dinner that Christine's whipping up. I'm so lucky to have an awesome wife who found a pork butcher right down the road. Yum.

So it's dinner then bed before I get to do it all over again tomorrow.

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