Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 11

Hated to do it on such a beautiful night but I'm not taking any chances 4 days out. As I've mentioned, I've been dealing with some PF that doesn't bother me much except for when I wake up or have been sitting too long. Pretty much it's limited to heal pain and rolling it with a small ball fixes it up pretty well.

Can't really remember when I began to notice i but today I developed a bit of a hot spot a couple inched forward of my heal and more towards the outside of my foot. On a scale of 1-10 this probably rates lower than a 1 but in the interest of being conservative, I decided to take the night off.

The last thing I need is aggravate something and it's not like 5 miles is going to make or break my training. If it wasn't for the race or even if it was a shorter distance race, I wouldn't have thought twice about running tonight.  It's probably nothing but now I'll just be fresher come Sunday.

With race day fast approaching I've also finally worked out my game plan. With the first 8.5 miles being fairly flat and mostly downhill with a 500 foot drop in elevation, I should be able to cruise comfortably in the mid-9s before I hit the first significant hill which continues 200 feet up to almost mile 13.

From here until mile 17 it will be more downhill, almost 300 feet, where again I should be able to maintain a fairly good pace in the mid-9s. Since I haven't run, or even driven this section, I have to go by elevation charts that I have found.

After this first part of the race is over I'll be in familiar territory, having run the last 9+ miles 3 times already. This will be the toughest challenge of any run I have ever done but having been here before, I know exactly what's ahead of me and aim for staing in the low to mid-10s through the last 2 uphill sections. At least that is the plan.

So if I were to put this in terms of a medal winning performance, I would have to say that anything under 4:20 would be gold, under 4:30 silver and just finishing is a bronze. Now if I feel like Superman come race day, who knows maybe I'll shoot for a sub-4.

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