Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1

Since we've been living in AZ I really can't remember seeing this before but we were blanketed in a thick fog as I got ready to hit the road this morning. Not that 50 and no sun is a bad thing just needed to make sure I was paying attention with visibility only about 150 feet or so.

Got a nice warm-up in and have reintroduced some lunges into my pre-run routine to hopefully keep my hip stretched. And going by the results of today's run I will definitely keep doing this.

As soon as I got out I pretty much knew today was going to be one of THOSE runs and I mean it in a the best possible way. Sure there was a little stiffness in the hip but otherwise I felt great right out of the gate; everything felt smooth and working like it should.

The first mile just clicked right along and since generally I don't pay attention to my pace in the first mile, as long as my HR is where I want it to be, I was absolutely stunned to see that mile 1 came in at 8:42 with my HR never getting above 130 bpm. Right then I knew it was going to be a great run.

Cruising along for the next couple miles in the fog was an absolute joy and aside from a few short blips to 138 bpm I was in that sweet zone I mentioned yesterday of 133-136. With the miles 2, 3 and 4 coming in below 8:50 I was still surprised that my HR was staying down and it wasn't until miles 5 and 6 which are on a slight but steady incline did I top 9 minutes. The fog was also starting to burn off so the temp was beginning to come up a bit with the sun now out.

One observation I have made is that my Sunday run seems to be my fastest run of the week. I don't know if this is because I take it easy for the rest of the day after Saturday's long run and get to bed early but this seems to be the day I consistently make my biggest gains. No argument here

From here on in I knew that it was going to be all downhill or flat for the last 3+ but by now HR was creeping up to the 136/137 range so there was no point in pressing it as I stayed right around 9 minutes per. I also noticed, or should I say I didn't notice anything with my hip so that was a major plus. As I was about to hit the last turn to the finish, I gave some thought to extending the run by .75 miles but quickly put that idea to rest. No use pressing my luck as I clocked in 4 minutes than my 1:25 goal.

Splits  Distance Time Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 1 08:42.9 8:43 124 133
2 1 08:47.8 8:48 134 138
3 1 08:39.0 8:39 134 139
4 1 08:48.9 8:49 136 139
5 1 09:05.3 9:05 135 139
6 1 09:10.1 9:10 136 139
7 1 09:02.2 9:02 136 157*
8 1 09:01.4 9:02 136 139
9 1 08:53.7 8:54 136 139
10 0.09 00:50.4 8:53 136 137
Summary 9.09 1:21:02 8:54 134

*Not really sure what happened on mile 7 but the 157 was a quick spike that only lasted a second or 2 before HR went right back down to 134.

Well there you have it and just in time for the start of the Super Bowl; GO PATS!!

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