Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8

Home a little later than I would have liked so I decided to only do 5 miles instead of the scheduled 7. I remind myself that it's quality over quantity and I really didn't want to be eating dinner at 8 pm. Besides it's not fair to Christine to have her eat that late even though I've told her a million times she doesn't need to wait for me. She's too polite that way.

Anyhoo, it wasn't quite as warm today so by the time I got out it was only 57 degrees. It's one of the joys of desert living and it's all relative though because I'm sure most of you would kill for a high of 57 in early January.

The run was a run was a run. Other than either my Garmin/HRM not reading right for the first mile, stayed below 95 bpm for the first mile, I felt pretty good. 5 miles isn't much to get excited about  and being out alone in the dark doesn't give the mind much of a chance to wander.

I have notice that I've actually been slower this week than in the past but I'm not too worried about it.

Tomorrow is a rest day and for my long run on Saturday I'm going to run an out and back on the last 8 miles of the Lost Dutchman Marathon course. It will be a nice test since the 8 coming back will be mostly uphill and their elevation map doesn't do justice to the mile and a half long, 100 foot rise that I'll hit around the 12 mile mark (mile 22 in the race).

I've pretty much decided that LD will be more of a training run than a race and Saturday should let me know for sure. While I entertain thoughts of a sub-4, that doesn't appear to be very realistic and the ultimate goal is to finish. The only way I'm going to convince myself that I can do it is to do it; BBW has me doubting I have it in me and there is only one way to shut him up.

I have something special for tomorrow's post. I plan on getting some reading recommendations up so see you then.

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