Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 7

I'm going to bet you all know how easy it is to convince yourself that the extra hour sleep is more important than the 4 mile run that's on the schedule. That's exactly what went down this morning. The thing is thought that the hour sleep probably was more important and is also why I'm going to be in bed shortly as well.

Today was a fantastic January day. It was so nice that when I had to run an errand at lunch I did it with the top down on my car. In fact, it stayed down for the ride home too since it was still in the high 70s for the evening commute. Even traffic was moving well so I was actually home and out running before the last bit of daylight vanished from the sky.

Right from the get go I didn't feel particularly strong but the watch was telling me otherwise. It also didn't hurt that I had a pretty good tailwind for the first 2 miles, which also happens to be on a decline. Unfortunately I knew that friendly wind would be a not so friendly headwind on the last 2 with an incline. But I didn't care, that was still a few miles away.

The thing about running in the dark is there isn't much stimuli so the time just clicked away and I actually began to start feeling a little stronger as the run progressed. I probably should have made the turn back at 3 and called it another 6 mile night and had fully intended to but while the right side of my body got ready to make the u-turn, my left side continued to go straight. 7 miles it was going to be.

By mile 5 I was cruising right along but that is where the slight rise in elevation along with the headwind conspired to slow me down just as I knew they would. No worries though as I took it in stride before finishing with a good final mile.

Now I'm fed and off to sleep soon. Tomorrow is supposed to be another warm day and another 6-7 are on the schedule for tomorrow night..

Another nice bit of news is that I I received my corral assignment for the Rock 'n' Roll AZ half in a little over 2 weeks and have drawn a 1 again this year. It's nice being near the front and not having to deal with traffic. Although I don't think my goal of 1:30 is in the cards but I am definitely looking to get down to 1:35.

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