Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5

Monday is an optional day to run and it surprises me that for the most part I get out more often then not. Usually it's a game-time decision but today I knew even before I left work that there was no opting out of this one.

It's been on the cold side for the last week so there was no way I was going to pass on running when I saw that temps hit the 70s late in the afternoon. By the time I got home, it was still in the low 60s and I couldn't get out of the car and into my gear fast enough.

First thing I realized when I got out was that I was wearing the wrong shoes. Even though I wore my Skora Phase yesterday I was going to wear them again tonight since it was going to be a short run. For whatever reason I put on my Fit instead so that was that or was it?

In my enthusiasm to get running and my quandary over tonight's choice of footwear, my Garmin started buzzing to let me know that my HR was exceeding 132 BPM. Not a good thing when you haven't even gone 100 yards; time to slow down and get in the now.

It didn't take long to get things under control but I could tell that the run was not going to be anything special. Oh well, even a bad run is better than no run at all and it was a beautiful night.

As I got out by the cotton field I could see the full moon rising low in the sky. It was large and for a moment I thought about stopping to get a quick picture but decided to pass on that. After a few more steps I figured what the hell. What's the point of being out on such a wonderful night if you can't take a second to stop to snap a quick picture. It's a shame they it didn't come out but I still got to marvel at the moon for a few moments.

Sometimes it's the little things but it was time to get back to the run.

By the time I hit my turnaround it was more than clear that this was going to be my slowest short run in a long time, not counting the humid laps I was logging whale on the cruise at Christmas. It wasn't that anything was wrong; no injury or anything, simply my heart didn't want to run fast which was fine by me.

Since it was a short night, only 4 miles, it was over before I knew it and tomorrow is is another day. 7 are scheduled for after work but on the very unlikely, remote chance that I do wake up an hour early, I'll get in a quick run in the morning.

It doesn't hurt to think positive.

Now if Garmin Connect would work, I could upload the run to geek over the stats. It's not that they would tell me anything that I don't already know but just the same, I'd like to get it on there. In my little OC world, a run doesn't feel like it's been completed until the data has been uploaded.

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