Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 4

Scheduled for 9 miles today and was slightly concerned when I went to bed last night that there was some stiffness in my right Achilles. A few minutes with the foam roller seemed to loosen it up. Even though it felt ok when I rolled out of bed, just a bit of stiffness, as a precaution I figured it would be best to wear a brace.

Now normal morning temps here in the desert are in the high 40s/low 50s but this morning was downright cold at 30F. Fortunately I've invested in some Under Armour Cold Gear and with a form fitting sleeveless shirt I stay plenty warm. Since I never have issues with my legs being cold, I stick to shorts and compression shorts. Also, for blister prevention I double up socks so keeping my tootsies warm isn't a problem even in my Skora Phase which are pretty thin. All else that is needed is a good pair of gloves and a stocking hat which generally doesn't stay on too long.

As usual warm up consists of some running in place and some foot jacks to get the HR up and the blood flowing. I'm going slow anyway and there is really no need to stretch as some research shows that it actually puts you at a greater risk of injury and has no real benefit.

So off into the cold I went, actually a little faster than I should have, but the HRM was acting wonky and didn't start reading right until a little past mile 1. By then the hat and gloves were off as I was fully warmed up. Occasionally the gloves went back on but only for a few minutes at a time.

Not a super exciting run; they never are. Living and running in the boonies I am pretty much limited to the same road so I just vary the routes and directions. Aside from properties with dogs, horses, cattle and poultry I'm pretty much out on my own with spectacular views of the mountains. And since I'm taking it easy, trying to focus on HR, breathing and form, there's really not a lot going on.

But isn't this why we run? I'm a fairly solitary person so having the opportunity to get out alone, away from any hustle and bustle is quite relaxing and is what makes training enjoyable; at least for me. We all have enough stress in our lives and getting out, especially on a beautiful, sunny morning without a care is a great outlet.

All in all I'm happy with today's 9. No issues with the Achilles, not even a hint of pain and save for a 9:07 mile 3, everything was between 9:20 and 9:45. Need a little more consistancy but I'm letting HR dictate pace so it is what it is.

Tomorrow is an optional day with a 4 if I feel like it so we'll see how motivated I am when I get home from work. At least we're in for a bit of a warm-up so it won't be nearly as cold as it has been in the last week.

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