Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29

Nothing beats the feeling of getting back out on the road after a few days off.

As I mentioned after Sunday's run my TFL was cranky and by Sunday night it stiffened up quite a bit. It also made for an uncomfortable night of sleeping, waking me up a few times during the night. When I woke up on Monday and it was still sore, I knew it was time to be proactive and take a few days off so, for the past 3 nights I took it easy, stretched, stood a lot at my desk and got to bed around 9ish every night.

For the first time all week, there was no stiffness or twinges in my hip so I knew I was ok to run; even if it was an abbreviated session. 7 miles were on the schedule originally but that was not happening. The plan was to do 3 and if, a big if, I felt perfect would I attempt 5. No reason to press my luck with my first full in less than 3 weeks.

To make things more interesting, a light rain was falling so that just added to the list of potential hazards. I wouldn't say I was nervous but it's always interesting to see how things are going to feel after you've given them a few days to heal.

Right as I hit the road I noticed there was still a bit of a niggle in the hip so 3 it was. The only question that remained was if it was going to loosen up completely as the run progressed. Another decision I made was to keep the HR down as much as I could and not press the 137 bpm mark.

For not having been out for a few days, I didn't have that awkward  feeling I usually get after a layoff so that was a good sign. My pace felt even and smooth as I was able, for the most part in keeping the HR down as I dodged raindrops. All in all the run was quite the success which gives me a good feeling with 20 set for Saturday.

With another run behind me it's now time to stretch and get to bed early. The LSD on Saturday will be done on my usual roads so there'll be no hills to put any stress on the hip. I'm also not planning on pushing the pace either so it should be a fairly easy run. Well, as easy as a 20 mile run can be for someone who's never run 20 miles anyway. Come back then and you can see how it went.

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