Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22

Got a late start on the night and was tempted to bag it but the show must go on. Since the last few nights I've been getting back close to 8 and by the time I eat, review the run, get up a post and chill for a bit, I'm getting to bed later than I want to. Decided I'd only do 3 and for a change I actually spent about 5 minutes warming up before I hit the road.

Tonight was a reasonable mid 50s might but the stiff wind made it feel colder. Glad I has my Cold Gear on tonight and definitely glad I brought my gloves. Since I had gotten in a good warm up my HR was steady and didn't have to deal with the spikes like I've had the past few runs. I also kept my breathing at 2:3 and while I wasn't as fast as last night, I was still faster than I have been.

It was a bit disappointing that I was only doing 3 feeling as good as I did it is what it is. Sometimes it's better to leave wanting more and tonight was no different. With tomorrow being a rest day I may sneak in a runch tomorrow to make up the miles. We'll see how it goes.

It feels good to be done early with everything tonight so I think I'll score some extra sleep.

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