Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21

Today was an up and down day. My youngest brother turned 40 today; Happy Birthday Doug but I had a case of the sads due to it being 3 months since we lost out dear Chuck Taylor. It was also the first doubles day that I've done in 4 weeks so yay me!

This morning's run didn't exactly start out on the right foot as I felt awkward and slow and my left hip was a little cranky but that calmed down soon enough. After about a mile I settled in nicely, finally finding my groove at about the 1.75 mile mark. I'm glad it was only a short one but I really need to warm up better.

After a day in the cubefarm it was time for the evening run. My head was completely into it but my body wasn't as game. That's ok though, when the mind is willing the body has no choice to follow. Plus Christine was goading me on telling me that BQ won't happen on it's own to the tune of It Don't Come Easy, so off I went.

It was still surprisingly warm when I got out, 66, so the Under Armour  Cold Gear was a bit much but I'd have to deal with it. Again I didn't warm up enough and spike my HR within the first 1/4 mile and had to walk it down. After a minute I was back on track a moving right along.

The run was scheduled for an hour and since my pace was slow it was looking like a 6 mile night. When I hit the turnaround at 3 I never even gave it any though and cruised right past it. I felt like doing 7 and why not? It was a nice night and I felt smooth even though I was on the slow side. I was also not fully in the moment either and frequently caught myself wandering off.

It wasn't until a pathetic 10:51 mile 6 that I finally snapped out of it and got into the now. I also decided to pick up my breathing from 3:4 to 2:4 and almost immediately my HR dropped and my pace quickened after about a 1/4 mile. Now when I say quickened, I mean flying as in 7 minute territory. Either my Garmin was jacked or my though to keep my breathing slower was completely misplaced. We shall see tomorrow and if it goes well I may have figured out the cause of my lack of progress.

So with another day in the books and 10 miles under my belt, I'll leave you with this, "You've got to pay your dues if you want run BQ cause you know it won't come easy."

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