Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 17

For me, the night before the night before a race is the most important especially when it comes to sleep. Whether it be pre-race nerves, getting to bed late, having to get up early, sleeping in a strange bed or some combination of these on race night at least I know I will be well rested come race day.

Last night was no different. Not only did I get to bed just after 9 pm but I wound up oversleeping, rolling out of bed just before 9 am. Since there was only 3 miles on the schedule this wasn't a big deal and the extra sleep was welcome.

It was another typical winter morning in the desert, which means it was perfect for a run; sunny and in the low 50s with no wind. After taking the last 2 days off, the plan was to take it slow and keep my HR below 127. No need to overdo it on the day before a race.

Once I hit the road, everything felt good and I just plodded along and the run was over before I knew it. No niggles to report, HR stayed in check and pacing felt even. Can't really ask for much more.

After the run it was time to get packing to head into the city for the expo. After almost missing the start of the race in 2013 because of traffic, Christine and I stay at the Best Western a couple miles from the start. This also allows me to get an hour or so of extra sleep, not to mention the decreased stress from the fear of oversleeping.

I really don't like that Rock 'n' Roll races force you to attend the expo to get your bib but I guess it allows them to charge outrageous rates to the vendors. We probably could just shoot in and out but after paying $10 to park, we feel like we have to cruise through.

It really is a cluster and the same idiots that stop short in front of you or block the already congested aisles to chat are the probably doing something similar during the race. And if it is bad mojo to were the race shirt during the race, what is it called when you spot people wearing the race shirt at the expo?

There was nothing new and exciting so after we took a lap it was off to the hotel but not before a detour to In-N-Out Burger for a tasty protein style burger. Later it will be a nice dinner of steak, eggs and bacon at Denny's before an early bedtime.

Week ending January 17th - 24.7 miles

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