Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13

Yesterday's planned runch didn't work out.

It wasn't that I forgot to bring my gear to work but rather I didn't bring my brain. For whatever reason I felt off all day, not really lightheaded but more fuzzy. The only thing I could think was that I was doing my Monday fast but I did have my power coffee and didn't feel right from the get go. With it being an optional day anyway I'm not going to get worked up about it.

It's been a bit cooler the past few day and actually rained for a while today. By the time I got home the rain had long stopped and the temp was a perfect for running 57 with no wind at all.

Off I went and felt really good and spiked my HR right off the bat. I think part of my problem is that I haven't been warming up enough lately. Definitely need to work on that since I had to walk for a few seconds to get it down and put my first mile at a slow 10:57.

As mile 2 came along I decided that I was going to do 6 instead of the planned 5. I intended to cut back a bit this week with a half this weekend but when you're feeling good on a beautiful night, that extra mile isn't going to kill me..

For once there was a bit of excitement on a run. For the past few weeks I had been noticing holes growing on either side of the sidewalk near my 2.5 mile mark with what sounded to be rushing watter developing.

I kept meaning to notify the county DPW but kept forgetting until this past Saturday when I emailed them. Much to my surprise, I received an email response later that night and on Sunday it looked like they had closed off the area.

Tonight as I made the turn onto there road where I had noticed the problem, there was quite the commotion. I saw construction signs, flashers, barricades and heavy equipment digging up the sidewalk at 7 at night. Curious I stopped to ask what had happened and apparently a sewer main to the treatment plant a little down the road had ruptured and was eroding the ground underneath the sidewalk.

I felt a bit bad that I hadn't brought it to there attention sooner but it's not like they would have had any less work to do. It did make me feel good that they got on it quickly though.

After a brief chat I was back to the run and actually liked that they had a lane blocked on the bridge I cross. It's the one part of the route that makes me nervous because there isn't much room off the travel lanes so it was nice to not have to worry for a change.

The rest of the run was far less exciting, save for needing to stop to tie my shoe and I clicked along at a descent pace. Checking the stats afterward, I pushed too hard and wound up being at a 133 bpm average on 4 of the miles when I need to be under 132.

With the min-cutback because of the Rock 'n' Roll AZ Half this weekend, there will be no morning run tomorrow, just 5-7 mile when I get home.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention that I picked up a new pair of Skora Phase for myself and a pair of Fit for Christine. My current Phase are nearing the 500 mile mark and while they still have life, they are looking a little beat. I also have illusions of getting Christine to run. She's worried she has bad knees and isn't a runner but I tell her she doesn't have to go fast and I'd love for her to share in the joy I get from it.

I swear by my Skoras and if you are interested in trying out a great minimalist shoe, now is the time. They're running 30% off though Thursday so click the banner add on the right and get yourself a pair.

For now goodnight, I'm up way past my bedtime.

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