Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 11

What a beautiful day!

Granted I overslept so by the time I hit the road at 10:30 it was already in the mid 60s and I was raring to go. I'm guessing that the extra 2 hours of sleep played a big part in it but I felt amazingly good after a hard 16 miles yesterday.

For the first 3+ miles I was cruising right along at a pretty good clip even though I developed a bit of a niggle in my left hip a little before I completed the first mile. Fortunately went away as quickly as it came and I didn't give it a second thought. I was feeling so good, in fact, and my HR was staying low that I began to push the pace, probably a bit too much and spiked my heart rate into the 140s. Time to slow down.

For the next 4 miles I kept things a littler slower mainly because my Garmin kept freaking out on me, jumping from the mid 120s to the high 130s even though my pace remained steadyish and I wasn't overexerting myself. I really need to get it checked out under warranty but that will need to wait until after LDM.

HRM issues aside, it was a wonderful day to be running and as I hit mile 8 I decided I wasn't quite ready to wrap it up. What's great about where I live and the routes I take is that I have options to add or subtract distance if I feel like it. Today was no different and there was actually a road that I wanted to check out anyway, so off I went.

Since time is more the focus than distance, I didn't want to go much past 90 minutes and the new road added an extra .75 miles which allowed me to finish up in 1:34:20. Best of all, the last 1.75 were more like the first 4; fast and steady. I love ending on a positive note.

And to top off a great run, Christine had a fresh pot of coffee made and was getting a nice post run breakfast of bacon and eggs ready. Who could ask for anything more or a better partner?

So with the weekend about to come to a close and another optional day on the horizon, I'm giving a serious thought to taking a runch tomorrow and getting 4 in. It's the best of both worlds since I'll still get a run in and be able to chill when I get home from work.

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