Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Funeral For A Friend - A Tribute To Chuck Taylor

It's been too long and I know I have been promising an update with my progress with the Maffetone Method but that is gong to wait. Instead something different is taking up my day and wrote this instead.

Sitting on a plane feeling empty and sad, grieving the loss of our dear Chuck Taylor.

Charles Diablo No Honey Lucifer Norris Taylor came into our clan in May of 2009 joining the Kittah Army along with big brother and commander Cortez as well as big sister Chica and little big sister Crowe Thunder Cloud.

Just a litte ball of black fur with big eyes and a bigger sense of adventure, he was a welcome addition.

As he grew into a bigger ball of fur we found that he not only had boundless energy and loved to play fetch but a had sweet side as well with a face that almost had human qualities.

He could at times be a handful and tormented Crowe as he outgrew her but he was still a loveable and gentle little man with a sensitive side.

When new brother Cassidy came along they formed a tight bond, becoming inseparable. When shenanigans were occurring, where there was one, the other wasn't far behind. The Doom Brothers were quite the pair.

Young Charles did have a habit of eating things he shouldn't which sent him to the vet a couple of times but he bounced back, strong and energetic as ever.

When he became lethargic and was vomiting on Saturday we waited a day as recommended to see if it was something that would pass. By Sunday he seemed a bit better in the morning and had no fever so we thought he was going to be fine.

As the evening came he started to turn and developed a slight fever so we took him to the vet. After a round of xrays and tests with nothing serious found, he was rehydrated and came home.

Again on Monday and even Tuesday morning he appeared to be improving but that was just our little debil being brave.

By the time my wife got him from work in the afternoon, she could see he wasn't well and took him to the vet where I met up with them. After consulting with the vet we agreed to more xrays and tests.

We said goodbye to our brave little man and promised we would be back to bring him home.

Sadly, this was a promise we couldn't keep.

While we were waiting for a call back I went for a run to clear my head only to come home as the vet called.

The news was not good. Chuck had serious kidney issues along with a change to his stomach and intestines which would at minimum require exploratory surgery. Separate, he had a fighting chance but together the prognosis was not good and we had a decision to make.

We could either go forward, at a great expense and no guaranty of success where even if he did pull through, he would be in serious pain and with a not so good quality of life. Then there was that dreaded choice.

It was probably the toughest decision we ever had to make but we had to do what was best.

Goodbyes are the hardest thing and we were left alone with our poor boy to say farewell after we went over the options again with the vet; hoping.

We were heartbroken. He tried to be strong but we could tell he was suffering even with the painkillers he was on. After about a 10 minute eternity with him on my lap, we kissed him goodbye and let the vet give him a sedative which was followed by a final shot.

As our young man passed we were crushed. 5 and a half years was not long enough to have with him but we needed to press on.

So after packing and getting a few hours sleep followed by a short run before I headed off to the airport, here I am to pen this tribute to Chuck as I grieve at 30,000 feet.

Godspeed little man, we miss you dearly.