Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pressing My Way

Well it's happened, 4+ months into training and I've had my first bit of a setback. Nothing serious, it's only a blister, most likely from being too aggressive on my new Fit's right out of the box, but it is a setback none the less.

Unfortunately, it's sometimes the little things that can cause a tipping point. Between the heat, struggle with diet, some tough runs, a week of going through a mind-numbing spreadsheet in work and now this, I allowed ol' BBW to get in my head. Part of it is that I get bored easily and with my next race 8 weeks away, a 5K, I'm having trouble focusing. It doesn't help that I run solo all the time either and at times that makes it hard to find the extra gear.

I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm better off doing XT for the next week instead of running to let my foot heal but that will only compound this mini-funk. So here's the thing, do I change it up and run a 5K next weekend or do I stick with the schedule and do 5 miles. Regardless of what I choose, 5x800 are happening afterwards.

The benefit of running the race is that it will be a good gauge of where I am at the mid-point of my current 3 month cycle, get me out with other runners in a competitive environment (yes I know we run against ourselves but who's kidding who, it's much easier to go just a little harder when you have someone in front of you) and shake me out of the rut.

On the downside, a poor showing would do nothing for my psyche so running the race could potentially back-fire.

Truth is, this may just be the spark I need. I have yet to not PR at any race distance since I got back into running 2 years ago this month (holy crap has it been that long) and I don't intend to start now. Nothing like a little challenge to get the competitive juices flowing.

This reminds me, I also need to pull out my Kindle and reread The Champion's Mind to further help me get my poop in a group.

BBW needs to get knocked down a peg and this might do the trick.

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