Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm In Love With My Car

I've been in a quandary lately.

My car, a 2007 Chrysler Crossfire, is approaching 85K miles at which time the extended warranty runs out, needs 2 tires and a new Sirius unit.  It wouldn't be too bad but I still have 2 years on the note and since all the mechanical parts are Mercedes-Benz, they are let's just say, pricey.

If this was just any old grocery getter, I'd trade it in in a heartbeat but the Crossfire is a special car. In all, there were less than 4000 base Roadsters made during the 4 year run and underneath the Chrysler badging and sheetmetal lives a nimble Mercedes drivetrain.

This Crossfire is is quick, sporty and a definite head-turner. It is the perfect car for AZ where I can drive with the top down from basically March to November with only a few interruptions during monsoon season. I've even had plenty of occasions to go topless while the rest of the country was freezing their jingle balls off.

My heart is telling me to hang on because rare usually means collectible in the car world and it is just a joy to drive. On the other hand my head is telling me to move on because in the end it's just transportation and they were a flop when they came on the scene.

I'm leaning toward keeping it and by the time it's paid off, I can garage it in favor of an Elio for my daily drive.

Decisions, decisions.

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