Sunday, January 26, 2014

Special Offer On RECOVERYbits

January is the time to start fresh and go fearlessly after what you want!  February is the month for love. We wanted you to have both so we are excited to be offering you a RECOVERYbits® GIFT WITH PURCHASE that will help you reach your resolution to be healthier and cold free and have some love too!

RECOVERYbits® are 100% organically grown NON GMO chlorella tabs - an algae that has been used for fifty years by homeopaths and Japanese for anti-aging, preventing colds, detox, strengthening the immune system, aiding digestion, helping to prevent hangovers, improving athletic performance and more. Thousands of athletes, moms, and busy consumers have found RECOVERYbits® to be the easiest, simplest, safest plant based way to stay healthy! Now it's your turn!

If you've been thinking of trying RECOVERYbits® now is the time! Through February 18, 2014 when you order a bag of chlorella RECOVERYbits® you will receive a complimentary GIFT WITH PURCHASE! Your gift comes in an attractive black organza bag that contains a full tin of RECOVERYbits®, a single sample serving of RECOVERYbits®, a cool pair of ENERGYbits® sunglasses, an ENERGYbits® pen and some fun stickers. This $35 retail value is yours absolutely FREE with the purchase of at least one bag of RECOVERYbits®. It's a fun and healthy Valentines Day gift we think everyone will love, even more than chocolates.

Even better, when you use promo code HalfFast at checkout, you will get 30% off your order. 
About RECOVERYbits®
RECOVERYbits® algae tabs are the most natural way to recover, prevent or help correct illnesses of any kind, including those pesky colds and hangovers. With just one calorie per tab, RECOVERYbits® algae tabs build your immune system, help you detox or prevent a hangover. And all naturally too. Remarkably our RECOVERYbits® have just one ingredient, chlorella algae. In addition to being over 60% protein, RECOVERYbits® contains a vast number of vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamin C, ZInc, all your B vitamins and more. RECOVERYbits® also have a powerful ability to help detoxify your body and eliminate chemicals and other toxins that gather there.

Best for:
Preventing Colds
Preventing Hangovers
Speeding Recovery from Illness
Building Immune System
Detoxing Body and Blood
Improving Digestion
Improving Elimination

Disclaimer: As an RECOVERYbits® Brand Ambassador I do receive indirect compensation through use of my promo code HalfFast. Also, RECOVERYbits® are considered supplements and as such are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Your results may vary. Always seek the advice of a qualified professional for any health concern and share with your health provider any information pertaining to your health and well-being, including the use of supplements.

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